Galen Cerebella™

Galen Cerebella™ enables healthcare providers to transform their practices into an efficient and pleasant work environment. Total access of patient information at any time, in any place will make running your practice easier and provide a higher quality patient care.

The business benefits that Galen Cerebella™ brings to healthcare providers are: increased efficiency, increased productivity, increased profits, and the ability to deliver a higher quality patient care in the minimum amount of time possible. Galen Cerebella™ is an integrated PM and EMR solution for a busy practice.

Nothing matters more in your practice than providing quality patient care, and you can feel confident that you are giving the best care possible when you use Galen Cerebella™.

Product Information Regulation 170.523(k)(1)(i)-(ii)requires that developers post the following information on their website. This information can be found on the product's Certificate of Compliance issued by Drummond Group upon successfully achieving certification. Mandatory Disclosures This certified product-version may require ongoing yearly costs to support E-Prescribing service (170.314(b)(3)). E-Prescribing service allows a provider to electronically create prescriptions and prescription related information for electronic transmission. The ongoing yearly cost is a flat rate per provider.
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Galen Cerebella™
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