Today’s practice

Today's practice is similar to a bee hive in the spring; everyone is busy, and there aren’t enough hours in the day to finish the work. The positive thing is that you have a busy practice.
On the other hand, your staff is spending hours looking for this and that, the phone is ringing at all hours of the day, insurances are rejecting you bills, patients are complaining you are not returning their phone calls, and it goes on and on…
The most unprofessional thing that could happens in a practice is not being able to locate the patient’s chart while the patient is holding on the phone, or worse standing in your front office. Everyone in the office is doing their best, they drop everything and are looking for the chart.
It is not because your staff is not doing their job or that they did not care, the fact is they do not have the tools to stay on top of the job and be successful.

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Today's Practice