A long time Galen customer and “Cerebella™” user, Integrated Health Center in Redmond, WA is a multi-disciplinary clinic offering a wide range of services providing a truly holistic approach to health care.

Says Dr. David Burns, the principal owner of Integrated Health, "when we started the practice in 2003 we looked at variety of software products eventually picking one that we thought would meet our needs. Unfortunately, that product proved to be too inflexible to accommodate a practice as diverse as Integrated Health. When we discovered "Cerebella™" from Galen in 2004 we quickly realized that it would allow all of our providers (DC’s, ND’s, MD’s, PT’s and LAc’s) to practice in a way that was appropriate for their specialty while maintaining the integrity of our entire practice’s medical records."

Dr. Burns goes on to say, "over the years we have been very happy with the level of ongoing communication with Galen. The technical support department has always been very responsive and very patient with our sometimes lack of computer expertise. Also, as we’ve watched the system evolve for the past four years it’s good to see that many of our suggestions have been incorporated into the product."

"If I had to pick out just a few of the great things about "Cerebella™" I’d say; ease of use, flexibility, product support, a high level of communication and the regular updates with new features rise to the top. I would highly recommend the "Cerebella™" for electronic medical records in most any type of practice."

Neurological Associates of WA
Dr. Lee
Integrated Healthcenter
Family Foot Center