Dear Galen Corporation,

This letter is to give you some feedback after having used your software since June 2003.
After having used several other software packages for my clinic I can easily say this is the best clinic suite I have ever used or evaluated. Galen Corporation has been very responsive to our practice software needs over the past years.

As a Physician I want to spend most of my time working with the patients and not doing research, paperwork and searching for charts. The Cerebella™ Software has allowed me quick access to past records, labs, visits, insurance information, etc. so that my time can be spent with the patient. Your suggestion of using a pen tablet computer has made access to patient information easy regardless of where I am in the office.

Ultimately, I selected your previous software because it is so simple, and yet does so much. My previous software was cumbersome. I felt bogged down by all of the features, features I did not need or want. It took so many keystrokes and mouse clicks to access anything. It has been impressive to see how everything is integrated. Scheduling, billing and electronic records, all integrate so well. As a busy physician I want something easy to use. Your previous software made me more productive and the new Cerebella takes efficiency a step further. It is so simple to use.

Since we began using Cerebella our productivity has increased again. Everything is just easier; checking-in the patients, documenting the patient visit, finding patient information, dictating, charge entry, etc. Now that we have eliminated the majority of paper circulating in the office, we are not only more productive, but more efficient & much more frustrated.

The Flexibility and mobility of the cerebella Is a Dream. In the past I would have to request so much information from my stall, and now everything is just a few clicks away for any member of the staff at any time. It’s great to just click to see an X-Ray, prescription or chart notes whenever I need to. My patients are very impressed with the technology. They seem to appreciate that our clinic uses technology to help improve their treatment experience. I can’t imagine not having this flexibility anymore.

The Responsiveness of the Galen Corporation has been appreciated. You have responded quickly to our requests for information and help you have also listened to suggestions of what features might be helpful to our office and added them to subsequent upgrades. Another reason that we chose to use your Software is that we felt from the beginning that you would listen to our needs and that the software continue to develop and improve as the changing medical industry dictated iit. You have certainly done that.

I am so happy that I have finally found what I spent many years looking for.

Thank you.

Timothy Grace, DPM

Neurological Associates of WA
Osteopathic Care PS Inc
Dr. Lee
Integrated Healthcenter
Family Foot Center