"I’m writing to express my thanks to you. We are pleased with our decision to pick Galen as our Software. A significant contribution to this decision was due to your local support. We have dealt with many software vendors that offered support in the mid-west and east coast which for obvious reasons are not practical. Galen, being local, makes a huge difference in receiving immediate attention to problems that can not be solved over the phone.

Running a multi-Specialty clinic has resulted in a need for great flexibility. The flexibility of Galen is something I appreciate. The ability to create customized SOAP notes and templates for documentation have proven to meet the need for each of my providers. It is very helpful for each provider to document in the way that works best for them. This has allowed us to continue towards our common goals, while not sacrificing our individual documenting needs. Overall, the flexibility, local tech support and simplicity of the software have made this daily management of our patients much easier, in comparison with other products we used and researched.

Thank you again for your support.


Dr. Lee DC."

Neurological Associates of WA
Osteopathic Care PS Inc
Dr. Lee
Integrated Healthcenter
Family Foot Center