Doctor’s Osteopathic Care PS Inc, is the latest addition to the Galen Cerebella™ User Group. Here is what Justin Whetstone had to say about our system.

“I was impressed by how user friendly Cerebella™ is.”

“I liked the fact that we can do all of our billing [electronically]
and Cerebella™ scrubs claims so they won’t be returned.”

“[The billing process] is very organized, laid out in simple steps.”

“Everything is just right there and Cerebella™ alerts me if I forget something.”

“I’m not a computer wiz, but I was able to jump right in.”

“I’m really excited about using Cerebella™”
Neurological Associates of WA
Osteopathic Care PS Inc
Dr. Lee
Integrated Healthcenter
Family Foot Center
Justin Whetstone