Welcome to the new face of Galen Corporation™.

Our strategic plan describes who we are, our mandate and our planned activities identifies some of our achievements from foundation to today.  It describes how we plan to support the healthcare industry priorities by continuing to build a Dependable Solution, Strong Partnerships, and Healthy Communities.

Promoting Partnerships with providers and their staff to aid in the development process of any new features as well as identify their needs in order to develop a profitable and productive practice.

Continuing to integrate our solution with any modules that assist providers in everyday tasks, such as, meaningful use of EMR & HL7.

Facilitating the implementation of Cerebella™ and support our solution throughout the product usage lifetime.

Mission & Values Statement:

Our Mandate: To provide the healthcare community with a solution to sustain their practice needs, long term. In carrying out our mandate, Galen Corporation is guided by its Vision, Mission & Values.

Our Vision: A state of the art, affordable Practice Management (PM) & Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution for healthcare providers.

Our Mission: To develop an easy to use, sophisticated, affordable, and customizable solution using the latest technology, in order to empower healthcare professionals to innovate through the use of our products; and increase efficiency, productivity and profitability.

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